19 May, 2024
02:10:41 PM
Ongoing Project

Construction of Soak pit, Drain & Platform for Liquid Waste Management under Swacha Bharat Mission Gramin

Duration:   Nov,2017-....continuing.

Location:Neturia Block in Purulia district of West Bengal


Financialinvolvement : 44,88,000.00 up to 2018-19

PDAMSMShas been implementing “Const. of Soak pit. Surface Drain & Platform forLiquid Waste Management from a spot Source  including Training &IEC” a CSR initiative of PHE Deptt. with COAL India Ltd’ & SIPL, indifferent GPs under Neturia Block of Purulia district. The main objectives ofthe project are (i) To protect the drinking water sources (Hand-Pump) fromcross-contamination (ii) To manage wastewater from hand-pump in scientifictechnology to recharge the underground (iii) Community are made aware to managethe safe water sources from contamination and maintain sanitation & (iv)Minimize chancesof–Waterbornediseases. Sensitization on usefulness in maintaininghygiene practices for safe drinking water was provided as a part of theprogram. 

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti
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