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Past Projects


Project Goal:-To decrease morbidityand mortality due to drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) in India and improved access toquality TB care and control services through enhanced civil societyparticipation.

Objectives of the Project:

1. Establish and enhance the capacityfor quality-assured rapid Diagnosis of DR-TB in 43 culture and DST laboratoriesin India by 2015.                                                                                                                2. Scale-up care andmanagement of DR-TB in 35 states /Union Territories of India resulting in theinitiation of treatment of 65,200  additional cases of Drug-Resistant TB (DR-TB) by 2015.

3. Improve the reach, visibilityand effectiveness of RNTCP through civil society support in 374 districtsacross 23 states by 2015.

4. Engage communities andcommunity-based care providers in 374 districts across 23 states by 2015 toimprove TB care and control, especially for marginalized and vulnerablepopulations including TB-HIV patients.


Working area:Kotshila & Hura TU.(7 nos DMC, Kotshila, Jhalda, Joypur, Hura, Kashipur,Puncha, Ludhurka) within the district of Purulia.


Coverage at section:Rural Community.


When: November-2010 to Aug 2015

Purulia Agragami implemented Axhaya India Global Fund Round-9TB Project supported by GLRA India to trace defaulters and retrieve TB patientsin 2 Nos. TUs (Kotesila and Hura) consistingof 6 blocks i.e., Jhada-I, Jhalda-II & Jaypur, Puncha, Kashipur & Hurablock   selected by GLRA in Purulia DistrictThe program focuses on creating awareness of TB, symptoms of TBabout its treatment and availability of treatment etc.   Sensitization Program and Rural HealthService Providers training TB Volunteers training etc Workshop on Tuberculosiswere organized where PRI functionaries, school teachers, community leaders andHealth workers participated in planning to combat the situation.

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